Hungaricums Around the World is a team of enthusiastic young people. Our mission is to explore and present the Hungarian aspects and legacies of the world through a television series.

For the third year now, we were taking the world for two months to shed light on lesser-known or even forgotten Hungarian heritage. It is good to walk the world knowing that the greats of our nation have been roaming around there.


We wish that we could contribute to the continuation of the Hungarian worldview and to expand the scope of the “Never-ending seas” as much as possible.
This is, from young filmmakers, specifically addressing the 16-40 age group – I think – not bad. It should be noted that it is not easy to compete with Family Guy, which aires the same time as us. Let’s just say, it’s funny, because if someone says that a year ago, I would have laugh at it.
The aim of our program is to fill the gap caused by the lack of productions with a cultural message. After all, there are still few Hungarian programs that present distant landscapes and bring them to the home screens in such a way that they can be received by the widest possible audience.

What do we do?

We recently returned home from filming our third season, from our Inner Asia trip.

During our first season, we spent two months in Asia, all the way to Thailand, and in our second season, we wandered around Africa. You can find our full first and second seasons on our YouTube channel with English subtitles.

Check our first two seasons on YouTube  with English subtitles!