Sanghaj-i Petőfi szobor

Petőfi in China

The works of Sándor Petőfi are not only taught in Hungarian schools. His poems are read and learned by students in many countries. We would not think that in remote places like China, the name of Sándor Petőfi is not unknown to students.

Lu Xun, a prominent figure in Chinese literature, was considered by many to be the originator of modern Chinese literature. The statue of Sándor Petőfi is located in a park named after the 19th century literary master. That park is where the Chinese poet’s tomb and museum are located. Thanks to Lu Xun, Petőfi became acquainted by the Far Eastern country as Lu Xun translated several poems of the Hungarian poet into Chinese.

Thanks to this, today’s Chinese students are all familiar with the poem Freedom and Love, which can also be found on the base of the Petofi statue in the park. The statue was placed in the park in 2007 then was moved to a new location in 2017 to a central part of the park.