Demirköy – Orban master

Few would think that in the village of Demirköy we could find a Hungarian monument. However, in the village, in 2011, a headboard was inaugurated to commemorate the master of
cannon, a Transylvanian cannon maker. It was made by the wood carving artist Csaba Török
in Csíkszereda, in memory of the master Orban.

II. Ottoman Mehmed Ottoman Sultan occupied Constantinople May 29, 1453 and eliminated
the millennial Byzantine Empire, the main center of Eastern Christianity. Master Orbán fought on the Turkish side during the siege of Constantinople in 1453, and gained the reputation here that the Turks still pay tribute to his name. According to legend, during the siege, a huge cannon made by Master Orban had an immense importance.

The village of Demirköy was chosen as the location of the headboard, erected in memory of
the master, because it is located on the outskirts of the smelter where the huge cannon was
once made.