Kossuthville – Florida

Kossuthville, or “K-ville” as the locals have nicknamed it, in Florida, is one of a handful of Kossuthville’s throughout the USA. This particular town came into existence when Hungarians from the Northeast of the US bought a plot of land in Polk County, Florida.

In the 1920s, these Hungarian immigrants were sold on the idea of a Floridian paradise. East of Lakeland, they settled in the rural, inland region of the state. Joseph Nemeth was the founder of this community. Originally, residents worked mainly in agriculture, farming various vegetables along with sugar cane.

The town was home to a restaurant by the name of the “Hungarian Inn”, but it has since been destroyed and a playground was built in its place. The original founders of the community, Joseph Nemeth and his family, had big plans for the town, though most of them were not brought to fruition during his lifetime. Not much is left to evidence the Hungarian roots of the town, but the name still proudly bears tribute to its ancestry.