Zoltán’ Little Hungary – Vietnam

When visiting Nha Trang, you will find not only popular Russian and German restaurants but also Zoltán’ Little Hungary, the only Hungarian restaurant in Vietnam.

The owner of the traditional Hungarian restaurant, Zoltán, left Hungary in 1996, from where he first made his way to Egypt. After a few twists and turns, he ended up in Cambodia, where he began working as a driving instructor.

Shortly afterward, Zoltán decided to start his own business with a Vietnamese friend, Ngoc Chau. Initially, they only made Hungarian sausages, but as their popularity began to grow among the locals, they decided to try to overcome the local bureaucratic system and open Vietnam’s first and only Hungarian restaurant.

After only a year of preparation, they managed to open Zoltán’s Little Hungary, where traditional Hungarian dishes like crepes, stew or goulash are served. After a nice lunch or dinner, you can even drink Unicum at the restaurant.