I have a brick in Kenya

Kenya is still one of the poorest countries in the world. The ‘I have a brick in Kenya’ initiative, founded by Hungarian youngsters, is operating on Rusinga Island. Balázs Halmen spent 4 months as a volunteer on the island, back in 2010, when he was confronted with problems that made life difficult for the locals. After returning home from Kenya, Balázs told several acquaintances about the situation in the African country, so he came up with the idea of somehow helping the country.

Their projects are carried out under the circumstances of the responsible tourism phenomenon, which is aimed at minimizing the negative social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism, providing greater economic benefits to local people and improving the well-being of the host communities. With this in mindset, every year they organize trips to Kenya, climbing mountains, visiting local families on Rusinga Island, developing friendships.

For as little as € 15 a month, supporters can help local children with quality education. This includes 2 meals a day, study materials, clothing, teachers’ salaries. In addition, a $ 1 per person donation between 2011 and 2013 was used to build a school for local children on the island.

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