NATO base is located in Mazar-e Sharif

The Camp Marmal NATO base is located in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan. The small town-scale fortress under German command almost never receives any civilians, but they made an exception with the crew of Hungaricums Around the World.

Dr. Gábor Boldizsár, Colonel, and Colonel Tibor Pálinkás gave insight into the life of soldiers, a life spent in full gear at 42 degrees away from their families in a country where bombings and armed confrontation are commonplace.


Within the base lies the Heroes’ Wall, which is dedicated to the memory of the fallen Hungarian soldiers. Every year on the day a soldier in the service dies, the fall is commemorated at the base. The name of seven Hungarian soldiers are on this wall on a plate.

Within the base you will find shops, a hairdressing salon and even a market packed with Afghan goods. In short, it’s a city. It lives and breathes alongside Mazar-e Sharif.

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Uyghur-Hungarian relations

One of the most beautiful and oldest countries in the world: with Confucius, the gunpowder, and of course communism. It gave so much to the world that we can’t even list but China also has a very dark side: this is a world they are trying to hide with fire-iron: Uyghuristan, or as the Chinese call it: Xinjiang. 

There are people who have suffered more than Tibetans and yet the world hardly knows anything about them. Yet they consider Hungarians as their only relatives. As a descendant of the Huns, only us – and possibly Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs – are loved by them. However, their turbulent history has still not swept them off the map. As Muslims in Chinese Communism, with European features as part of the Chinese people, they are trying to survive and preserve their culture by practically relying on themselves. They are the Uyghurs.

To this day, the Uyghur garment has a tulip motif known from the Kalocsa embroidery, but we also have several words in common. In addition, the Uyghur Dapanji chicken is reminiscent of Hungarian chicken pepper, spiced with a little ginger, chili and lots of garlic. It is not without reason that the Uighurs refer to us as their relatives to the West.

Uyghuristan has been the home of the Uighurs for at least 2,000 years, during which time it was a free and independent country, in contrast to the Chinese claiming that Uyghuristan is an ancient, inseparable land of China. Historical facts clearly prove that this statement of China is based on history falsification, in the hope that the results of oppression and assimilation may be legitimized over time by the world. A series of Chinese invasions BC. It started in 104 and Uyghuristan has been occupied several times by Chinese troops.

With a history of thousands years behind them, approximately one and a half million people are being held in Chinese education camps for the purpose of training a loyal Chinese citizen, by integrating them into the Han Chinese majority. Many were deported to the camps, some returned, others died and those, who had not yet fled the cultural genocide, would survive.

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